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March 14, 2006

Introduction of Typography...

Typography is the design of letterforms and their organization in space and time.
Typography is the basic grammar of graphic design, its common currency. Over the last twenty years, some designers have sought to base their work in histirical or regional traditions, while others have pushed toward new ground. Graphic designers have plumbed the heritage of typogarphic history, using digital and photographic technologies to generate countless interpretations of typefaces from the near and distant past. this search has broadened the vocabulary of design, while raising questions about appropriate relationships to history.

The central social function of graphic design is to embody identity through visual forms.Design creates a visual personality for institutions, products, audiences, and for designers themselves. Over the past fiffteen years, design for corporate identity has come to favour open, flexible languages overrigid systems. corporate logos and brand images have generated a literacy of the eye, a commercial alphabets of symbols and style familiar to consumers. Activist groups have used design to publicize specific issues, from feminism to AIDS, while designers working within the subcultures to rave, hip hop, skateboarding, and snowboarding have envolved visual languages that mix styles and symbols from the mass media and the urban underground. In the 1980's, the design profession-itself a subculture-exprienced an identity crisis, as pracitioners challanged the profession's authority and looked outside its established walls for easthetic and social models.


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